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Discover how to get to the heart of your story and visually map the rise and fall of your character’s emotional journey!

8 Magic Questions you must answer before you begin

Identifying tangible signposts to create definitive narrative structure

Why a character-driven story is key to successful scripts

Understanding the all-important role of the audience in your writing process

Functional use of the HartChart to visualize every story you will ever write

Ability to identify major themes when charting your character’s journey

How and why a story moves an audience

Inspiration You Can Expect From The Hart Chart

"As soon as you start answering the first question, you’re writing." James V. Hart

“Don’t wait around for inspiration. I hear so many people say, ‘I don’t know what to write. I get lost. I get stuck’. Everybody thinks that the chart’s going to write their script. It’s not going to write the script, but it’s going to reveal the emotional journey, the ups and downs, the heartbeat of your characters.” James V. Hart

“Can I measure the heartbeat of the characters on the page, as they go through the narrative? And will that inform me as to pace, what I’m missing, what I’m losing, what I’ve lost, what I need more of? We developed The Hart Chart and it literally was drawing a map of your character’s emotional journey through a series of signposts and measurements, so you could come to a satisfying ending.” James V. Hart

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How to sell your screenplay to Hollywood with Gary Goldstein

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Foundations of Screenplay Formatting

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